The Ultimate fighting Art
Join us for change, join us for adventure of a life time.  Bring legitimacy and credibility back to martial arts again.  Gain respectability in your community and among your peers.  We bring real martial artists together. You will constantly be challenged and enlightened with up to date materials and methods. Youwill always be learning and making progress, unlike others where there learning has stopped when they stopped training, sometimes for decades. We teach what is right from wrong and not to teach   martial arts ballet instead of teaching, powerful and effective martial art.     Beautiful pictures taken at angles   does not make a martial artist, but proper training in techniques that work and dedication to the art.   We at Kuk Mu Kwan, have such an art.  Kuk Mu Kwan is powerful, standing or on the ground and have proven track records for success,  in combat,  in tournament and especially qualities of our  black belts.
At Kuk Mu Kwan,  we have history and experience that other kwans  cannot compare,  Kuk Mu Kwan   believes that a techniques should only look  good, only if its done right. Today there are only few REAL martial art organizations left who cares for content, technique and  integrity, Example, Kyokushin for Karate and Kuk Mu Kwan for Taekwondo.   We are proud of our  tradition and thanks to our  devoted   Grand Masters, Masters and students, who supported us for six decades, and we will be proud to           continue the tradition for another six hundred years.
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