The Ultimate fighting Art
At  Kuk Mu Kwan,  our founder's belief in proper family  structure and hierarchy had molded the organization. Each and every members are arranged in hierarchy,based on experience and age, here in the U.S. and abroad,without discrimination of  race,  sex or  nationality.   Our pledge as an  organization is to bring the most up to   date material and bring support and education to every member.     We certify and give every black belt exam   personally by our Grand Master Kang.   We do not accept mail-in black belt certification, every certification is    seen and approved personally, we do not make phony black belts.   Every black belt candidate must take and   pass every exam, in order to be considered a Kuk Mu Kwan black belt.  All Kuk Mu Kwan black belts are given exam in knowledge of art, basics, forms, self-defense, sparring and breaking skills.     We would like to thank  our member schools and would like to extend our invitation to those who are thinking about joining us.
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