The Ultimate fighting Art

Kuk Mu Kwan offers legitimate certification and recognition of all your black belt certifications.
We take pride in the fact that we are a martial arts organization for martial artists and not some multi-billion dollar foreign corporation.  We care about the techniques and how they are taught to effectiveness of the 
techniques taught in real environment.  Sporting aspect of the art is secondary and not a requirement.
So, whether you want a great workout or learn a practical, real to life self-defense, Kuk Mu Kwan is the 
_____________________Future of Kuk Mu Kwan________________________

Future goal of Kuk Mu Kwan is to grow into a much larger, cohesive organization, where every member and every schools are all successful.     Remember that without you there will be no Kuk Mu Kwan.  we are very proud of our members Worldwide.

            -We will continue to grow Globally.

            -We will conduct more Kuk Mu Kwan seminars covering different topic, each time.

            -We will hold our own Kuk Mu Kwan tournament.

            -We will be reaching out to everyone for membership.  

            -We will make favorable changes to accommodate everyone.

            -Every Master and Grandmaster will get titles.

            -We will hold yearly Master’s clinic at yet undisclosed locations Worldwide. 

            -We will make technical adjustments as to maintain skill levels of our students.

            -We will continue to look for common goal to grow the organization.

            -We all must follow uniform codes.  We have to look and practice the same anywhere in the World.

              We must maintain consistency in quality and technique.  CONSISTENCY

            -We cannot look like clowns with different patches, headwear, belts and especially uniforms. Buy Kukmukwan uniforms.

            -We cannot have selfishness, think about the organization first.  Every action you take must be taken carefully.

            -We will honor all high ranks without question.  RESPECT

             -All Ranks will be based on credible(documented) experience, skill level, leadership and respectability.

     -We will hold regional black belt exams by  Grandmaster Kang,  For all International black  belts.

 -Exam will be given by Grandmaster Kang and or representative of Kuk Mu Kwan, by his orders only.

-We will build our own Kuk Mu Kwan Headquarters, through fundraisers and donations, in N.Y. and P.R.

-We will build residuals for Kuk  Mu Kwan Masters and Instructors.

-Every Kuk Mu Kwan schools will fly KMK banners.

-We must purchase Kuk Mu Kwan uniform through the headquarters.  UNIFORMITY

-Kukmukwan will produce our own equipment.

-Kukmukwan will make our own gears.

-Kukmukwan will produce our own newsletters.

-Kuk Mu Kwan will have our own book.

-Kuk Mu Kwan will have instructional videos available for everyone.

-Kukmukwan members will  help recruit more member schools.

-Kukmukwan members will  contribute to make our system better for the future.

-All Kukmukwan members will help running our website.     

-All black belts, 2nd dan and up will submit their biography to headquarters.

-All instructors will be entitled to rebates from black belt exams for dans and levels.

-We will try to honor all respective territorial boundaries.  Decisions made by Supreme Council.

-We will hold Mega classes on a regular basis, in Puerto Rico and U.S.

-Camaraderie and common goal are important for the growth of Kuk  Mu Kwan, respect it.

-We will train together and stay together, we will work out any differences.

-Organizational agenda will precede school agendas. 

Copyrighted 2012 Kuk MU Kwan. All righted reserved.

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