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Kuk Mu Kwan, the Organization

It is the mission of our system to unite and embrace commonality of all martial artists, the love for training and love for the art.   We do not commit to a life time of training, if you don’t see into the future, with you in it.  It is almost same as a marriage.  In most cases your training actually will last longer than a marriage.  But too quickly we find faults and flaws.  Most of people who teach  martial arts are young and energetic and thus the lack of knowledge is masked by fast talk, charisma or fighting abilities.  Soon    enough we realize that we did not learn very much in content.  We all age, that’s when you realize that you have reached your        pinnacle in your training, you are actually better than your teacher and that your teacher was not as good as you first thought.     Martial arts are not always based on forms and fighting abilities, but technical and philosophical differences.   So we base our         learning curve based on what unknown techniques you can learn, that can benefit you and your students for years to come.  You   want an art form that will continue to challenge and give you more, to satisfy your thinking mind.  This is the reason why a lot of   martial artists are sticking to mainstream traditional art forms and its large organizations.  They offer support, certification,           promotion, knowledge and best of all you belong to a larger, more powerful organization.  Not all organizations are created alike.  Most of the organizational goal is to rubber stamp certificates and ranking, just to make money.  Others, they have no history or   roots but just made up garbage which are just stir fry of all and not expert on any one.   Many organization’s goals are not realistic, either too much contact, or introducing techniques that are ridiculous and not real to life.  Kuk Mu Kwan is one of the oldest         martial arts of Korea.  Kuk Mu Kwan is noted as one of the first ten Korean Kwans.  Our founder, Great Grandmaster Suh Chong Kang is the longest living practitioner and the most senior Korean martial artist in the World.  Kuk Mu Kwan techniques are        based on his military experience, during the Korean War and as the head instructor for Korean military intelligence service, where he served 11-years. Great Grand Master had Kuk Mu Kwan schools all over Korea.  Kuk Mu Kwan has roots, history and             techniques that are fast and easy to learn and also easy to teach.  It’s a great combination if you want to refine your techniques or if you want to have your very own school.  We, at Kuk Mu Kwan, everyone is welcome, everyone a family.  We build relationships that will last a life time.   At Kuk Mu Kwan, powerful, easy to teach techniques along with loyal and dedicated Grand Masters       around the World,   with each having over 40 years- experience, we are father of all organizations.

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