The Ultimate fighting Art
Kuk Mu Kwan system is unlike any other Korean martial art system because of philosophical differences.  All other kwans were derived from copy of other styles, but Kuk Mu Kwan is of military significance.  It was Great Grand Master Suh Chong Kang's experience in the Korean war and his over a decade of teaching military intelligence agents. Their special training in hand to hand combat that focused more on results and not on show.  While other kwans focused on forms, acrobatics and competition rule sparring, Kuk Mu Kwan focused mainly on combat  effective and real to life tactics.  

Great Grand Master Suh Chong Kang performing self defense with his top student Chuck, who served in Vietnam as UDT/Navy SEALS. picture circa 1973 

Great Grand Master Suh Chong Kang, standing in suit.  Weapon defense performed by Great Grand Master's students at main Inchon do-jang.  circa 1960.

Kuk Mu Kwan

( Kuk Mu Kwan Code of Honor )

1)       I will be loyal to my God and Country.

2)       I will never misuse the names of our founder or Grandmasters.

3)       I will always respect and obey, my Grandmasters and Masters.

4)       Do-Jang is my temple, I will fiercely guard and protect it.

5)       I will respect my parents and elders.

6)       I will respect my brothers and sisters.

7)       I will be loyal and sincere to my friends.

8)       I will respect my teachers.

9)       I will be loyal to my Do-Jang.

10)        I will finish what I begin.

11)        I will always set good examples for others.

12)        I will always represent Kuk Mu Kwan in a positive manner.

13)        I will never be disrespectful to KMK Instructors, black belts.

14)        I will never break a trust. Kuk Mu Kwan materials will not be aired, copied.

15)        I will never be tired of learning.

16)        I will always be eager to learn. I will perfect my KMK techniques.

17)        I will never criticize my Kuk Mu Kwan Instructors.

18)        I will be diligent in my Kuk Mu Kwan training.

19)        I will help my Instructor to teach Kuk Mu Kwan to others.

20)        I will help my instructor to keep the Do-Jang clean.

21)        I will be a missionary for Kuk Mu Kwan, help others to join us.

22)        I will do everything to support Kuk Mu Kwan.

23)        I will dedicate my life to help Kuk Mu Kwan grow.

24)        I will learn and perfect Kuk Mu Kwan's  Suh Kang-Hyungs.

25)        I will work to build a better World.

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