The Ultimate fighting Art

Kuk Mu Kwan Hierarchy

Chairman and Founder                                   G Grandmaster Suh Chong Kang        10th Dan

President                                                         Grandmaster Hosun Kang                  9th Dan

V. President     (Head Examiner)                     Grandmaster Luis Colon                     8th Dan

V. President                                                   Grandmaster Jose Moro                     8th Dan H

V. President     (Head of Operations)              Master Ralph Grajales                         7th Dan

V. President     (Head International Ops.)       Master Star Moore                              7th Dan

V. President     (Public Relations)                    Master Maggie Messina                      7th Dan

V. President                                                   Master Manuel Rodriguez                   7th Dan            

V, President                                                    Master Wilfredo Vega                         7th Dan

V. President     (Business Relations)                Master Lawrence Bernstein                  6th Dan

Secretary General                                           Master Tommy Kang                           6th Dan

Technical Advisor                                            Master Ray Cox                                  5th Dan

Public Relations                                              Master Kofi Nsafoah                            5th Dan

Public Relations                                              Master Elliot Grajales                            5th Dan            

Technical Advisor                                            Master Ivonne Jimenez                         5th Dan

Technical Advisor                                            Master Luis Rodriguez                          5th Dan

Technical Advisor                                            Master Will Walters                              5th Dan

Board of Examiners                                        Master Joon B. Jin                                 5th Dan

Board of Examiners                                        Master Joung Hyon Kim                        5th Dan

Technical Advisor                                            Master Kervin Beaujin                           5th Dan

Technical Advisor                                            Sabumnim Nigel Seemungel                   4th Dan

Public Relations Coordinator                          Sahbumnim Tom Caruso                          4th Dan

Kuk Mu Kwan Supreme Council

These honorable gentlemen/ladies are in Charge of all exams and results, changes and enforcements of requirements, seminars, functions, public relations and  all business functions and future business development for Kuk Mu Kwan.  They have final say in everything we do.

                Grandmaster Hosun Kang

                Grandmaster Luis Colon

                Grandmaster Jose Moro

                Master Ralph Grajales

                Master Wilfredo Vega

                Master Manuel Rodriguez

                Master Star Moore

                Master Maggie Messina

Kuk Mu Kwan Technical Advisors

These honorable gentlemen/ladies are responsible for refining,  adding and making changes to all materials that are taught now, and those that will be added to our future curriculum, at all our Kuk Mu Kwan schools:

 Master Tommy Kang, Master Ray Cox, Master Ivonne Jimenez, Master Luis Rodriguez, Master Will Walters, Master Kervin Beaujin and Sahbumnin Nigel Seemungel +black belt, not yet listed.

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