The Ultimate fighting Art
Not all Martial Arts organizations are created alike.  Most organizations today are too large and out of touch, beurocratic organizations. They employ ladies and interns to take payments and stamp black belt certificates.There are no masters or any quality control measures in place to legitimize the certificates.  All of the martial arts organizations are outdated.  They tend to teach, old outdated techniques that no longer work.  Remember
that when it comes to martial arts, the general public are more educated today then in the past, thanks to social
media and dvd's.  Most of martial art styles professes to teach philosophy or moral culture, instead of real
martial art because their content no longer are effective, and to hide the fact that they are teaching nonsense.
Kuk Mu Kwan is not just another martial arts organization.  We do not intend to become a billion dollar
organization like the WTF, but  a close knit family oriented organization.  Grand Master Kang with approval
from Great Grand Master Kang must approve all promotions past 3rd dan, and all exams given personally by
Grand Master Kang.  We do this for two reasons, one is quality control and second is our family reputation.
We all make choices everyday that will determine the type of martial artist we are and aim to be.  If you can
live with yourself then, send your money to a foreign land and they will send you any degree, or legitimately
allow the Kuk Mu Kwan family to come over and certify you personally.  For Kuk Mu Kwan, this process
is important, because an exam should be a learning experience, where all your techniques are personally
corrected, and not tortured.  We would like to thank you for picking quality over assembly line.    
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